26th Jan 2015

The scam artists are relentless — advising seniors to take out reverse mortgages in order to buy equity indexed annuities.  The pitches are fairly predictable — promises of high returns, flexibility on accessing cash value, and safety.  For years I … more

19th Nov 2014

The November 2014 issue of Money Magazine contains an informative “senior alert” article entitled “False Promises, Dashed Dreams.”  In many respects the warning is the same one delivered by bloggers like me cautioning of bad advice and, of great concern, … more

21st Oct 2014

A recent Wall Street Journal article caught my eye as it emphasized the importance of the word “fiduciary” in choosing a financial planning “expert.”  The piece did a good job of laying out a number of tips when shopping for … more

4th Oct 2014

I just attended an argument in federal court here in South Florida regarding a class action lawsuit by Ford Explorer owners and lessors alleging the automaker mislead consumers about a very serious defect in the vehicles’ exhaust system that exposes … more