Hargrove Law Group is a boutique litigation firm located in
Boca Raton, Florida. Our lawyers have gained valuable experience
across a broad spectrum of legal problems.

Firm Overview

JohnHargroveOur focus is on problem solving, obtaining numerous victories in a variety of matters for our clients. We have produced a remarkable record of success in trials and appeals in state and federal courts, as well as through alternative dispute resolution. Issue characterization, outstanding legal analysis and writing, together with courtroom effectiveness, have been the hallmarks of success.

What sets us apart is the value and efficiency provided by lawyers of outstanding abilities within a small firm.

While representing individuals and corporate clients, we have gained valuable experience and insight, which we apply to a broad spectrum of legal problems. To that end, we have been recognized nationally for our effective advocacy on behalf of senior citizens who have purchased unsuitable equity indexed and fixed annuities.  We also welcome local counsel assignments.

In Memoriam

JAH-photo-largeJohn Ashby Hargrove 1976 – 2013
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Johnny Hargrove was awarded a Master’s Degree posthumously by The George Washington University, and a scholarship has been set up in his memory.
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